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CMS demonstrator

These pages showcase the Content Management System of the HCT Group Site. The idea is to show the kinds of things it can (and can't) do. It's for an internal demo, so it's of no real use to a site visitor. Click the logo above to return the the main home page.

Pages built up in layers

There are no page templates - each page on the site is built up of layers

Boxes, boxes everywhere

The page is organised on a grid, three blocks wide times x layers deep

We organise content in boxes because...

Because most of our visitors are on mobile or tablet and the boxes re-arrange for the screen size.

Blocks can

be either1, 2 or 3 'standard' blocks wide

A text box for content 

This is a text box. These can be included anywhere on the grid in one, two or  three block sections at any height. 

The text box is only one type of box - which can include pictures, forms - the nav-box shown to the right - and some more exotic other functionality.


This is a link box

It's job is to promote related or premium content

The bright colours are because

They act effectively as 'buttons' on mobile and tablet