How much does it cost?

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible

It costs less than you think...

How it works

We know how important it is to keep our prices as low as possible - helping our community to get out and about is the reason we exist. Our fees are kept low by a subsidy provided by the wider HCT Group - and CT Plus Yorkshire in particular as a social enterprise.        

Our minibuses are charged out by the hour, plus a mileage fee. Membership is currently available free of charge as part of a speciall offer.   


Our annual membership charge for voluntary and community groups is currently waived as part of a special offer. 

Special rate  Normal rate
Free £30

Our annual membership charge for Local authorities and statutory groups is currently waived as part of a special offer.

Special rate Normal rate
Free £30

Hiring a Minibus

Our standard rates are as follows: 

Hire per hour  £8.00
Charge per mile  £0.27
Minimum hire (plus mileage)  £32.00

If you need a driver

A fully qualified driver can be hired for an hourly rate 

Driver rate  £10 per hour

Learn to drive a Minibus (MiDAS training)

Learning to drive a minibus with our MiDAS training course can save you a great deal in driver fees: 

  Price per driver
MiDAS training - standard 1 day course  £60
MiDAS Driver Training Accessible minibus 1 day course:) £95
MiDAS Driver Training refresher course £45
MiDAS Minibus Driver’s Handbook £10 per copy

If you are a Group Transport member already, no VAT is chargeable, otherwise VAT applies at the standard rate.

You can find out more about MiDAS training here

The small-but-important print

  • General terms of booking

    There is a minimum of 4 hours charged per booking (vehicle and driver).

  • Cancellation charges

    You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 48 hours before your booking time.

    If you have to cancel with less than 2 working days notice a fee of £30 applies.

    Cancellations made on the day of the booking will incur the full costs of the booking.

  • Late return of vehicles

     If you return the vehicle late, you will be charged for the additional time.

  • If you make a mess

    As a courtesy to the next group using the vehicle, we expect vehicles to be returned in the condition that you collected them. If we need to clean up after you, then the following charges apply:

    • Vehicle returned with interior that needs sweeping out: £25.00
    • Vehicle returned needing an interior valet: £55.00
  • Driving yourself

    To drive an HCT Group minibus you must:

    • be MiDAS trained
    • complete the MiDAS training within three attempts
    • have a FULL driving licence
    • be over the age of 21 years and have been driving for a minimum of two years
  • If you have an ‘at fault’ accident

    There will be an excess of up to £300 payable by Groups where volunteer drivers are responsible for at fault accidents/incidents. This does include incorrect fuelling, interior / exterior damage, damage to equipment and flat batteries (as a result of not switching off radio / lights).  The insurance excess also applies to theft of the vehicle due to negligence of the driver.

    Where an accident/incident has taken place whilst under your hire with your volunteer driver, they will be required to undertake a further MiDAS training course at the full cost to ensure that they are driving to the required standard. They will not be authorised to drive HCT vehicles, until they do.